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 It is important to promote associativity, which are methods that streamline relations between several individuals and organizations. At Mikhuna Trade resources, skills and talents are shared to accomplish mutually beneficial goals and aims.

 We encourage the growth and development of local production capabilities. This is accomplished by contributing to the improvement in production from farmers, who use modern technologies, and embrace both traditional and new practices.  This guarantees food safety and also protects the environment.

For our business, it is essential to show farmers the current increase in demand for quinoa and amaranth, as well as the stages of production. This will allow them to further understand their commitment to nature and the entire association.

MIKHUNA TRADE is encouraging a social economy with solidarity, by boosting commercial and social partnerships with organizations and farmers that benefit more than 200,000 participants.  Our principal goal is to improve the quality of life and income for their families.  We also facilitate the empowerment of 46% of women in their communities, and support their position within their families and in society.



Mikhuna Trade pays the farmers a fair price. In addition, we go further than that by guaranteeing our farmers a decent standard of living.  We provide technical training for numerous communities in Ecuador to educate on the entire process of the grains, new regulations and responsible environmental production.



We promote the development of local farmers by marketing their products in local and international marketplaces.  This will help us create a long term sustainability.





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