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MIKHUNA TRADE is an Ecuadorian based company that is proud to supply organic products from small Ecuadorian farmers to the world.  Our goal is to generate opportunities and enhance the standard of living for Ecuadorian families by working closely with growers and suppliers.   In the native language of Quechua, Mikhuna means nutrition.  Our aim is to provide healthy products for our consumers, and introduce a new standard for diets around the world.



 We produce products that preserve the environment and avoid the use of chemical substances such as hazardous pesticides.  By offering the most nutritious, flavourful products to our customers, Mikhuna Trade is proud to announce its first organic product line, called Quntu. We consider organic agriculture as a new sustainable form of food production that not only helps the well-being of the soil, but also ensures consumption of foods high in nutrients, resulting in a healthier life.  Quntu is our product line containing the increasingly known grains of Quinoa and Amaranth.


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